The ‘Perfect Body’ Online Fitness Training Program

I have never been a great marketer so I’m gonna skip all the preambles and tell you point blank that this is the best and most affordable fitness program in Nigeria. It is the first and only ONLINE fitness program in Nigeria and it is the best because Kaycee Nma, the Winner of the “Mr Body Perfect 2011” fitness award, One of the Top 15  world’s black Sexiest-abs as rated by Ultimate Fitness Magazine (January 2012 edition) and a Top Nigerian Celebrity Fitness trainer and model is going to be your personal trainer. He has often said that his physique was built on a tight budget and most of the work done to get his body to where it is today was done at home. So, be rest assured that no matter how low your income (whether you can afford to register in a gym or not) Kaycee Nma can help you reach your fitness goals, be it; weightloss, muscle building, butt firming and toning or butt increase, tummy trimming, 6pack abs, leg building, general fitness, name it. The question is,‘are you ready?!!!’

“I got into the fitness training business not because I had seen someone else excel in it or because it was the most lucrative thing to do but because I saw how fitness had transformed my life and I wanted others to feel what I was feeling. I wanted others to get the bodies of their dreams, get comfortable in their skin and get the confidence and high self-esteem that comes with it….. I saw how fitness changed my life and I wanted the same for others.

Before I started training people I felt that Nigerians were not health conscious. After getting into the business I noticed that we Nigerians are not only not health conscious, but due to the prevailing circumstances in the country and the high cost of living,most of us can’t afford to register at a gym and pay for the services of a personal trainer. I also heard a lot of people complain about the incompetence of most Nigerian fitness trainers, how they don’t achieve results and how they get you injured in the name of fitness. At this point, I realized I had a lot of work to do. I have to help people realize the benefits of living fit, I have to change their mind-set about Nigerian fitness trainers and finally I have to give them a quality and affordable way to get the information and professional guidance they need to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. That was why I came up with this program”.

In this “Perfect Body” program I will motivate you, help you set realistic goals and help you achieve them. I will customize a workout plan for you and give you diet and supplement advice. For the past two years now I have done most of my workouts at home, not because I couldn’t use the gym but because I have been trying to develop ways to help you get the body of your dreams in and out of the gym. I often hear people say they gained weight because they were on the road and couldn’t workout. That will no longer be the case because you get your workout plan updated weekly, so if you are about to embark on a trip all you need do is let me know and I will update your workout plan with routines you can use on the go with or without equipment.

Once you subscribe to this program you will get 24/7 access to ask me any fitness related question. So if you ever miss a workout and want to know how to make up for it so you can still meet your goal at the end of the month; if you ate more than you usually do, maybe because of an occasion and you want to know what to do so you’ll still meet your goal at the end of the month or you just heard something that has to do with fitness and want to verify it, I will be there for you 24/7. I will teach you how to track your progress so that you can keep tabs of your progress and stay motivated. This workout program will help you experience not just the physical but the mental benefits of working out. I will communicate with you online through whatever medium you choose, be it emails, Facebook, blackberry messenger, etc.

No matter whom you are; whether you are a skinny, fat, tall or short male/female the “Perfect Body” program is for you.

I might not have the biggest or best body in the world but I have a perfect body, a body that perfectly suites my lifestyle, a body I worked hard to build, a body that puts a smile on my face every time I look in the mirror, a body that gives me confidence, a body that you admire. I can help you too, get that body that perfectly suites you but first you have to do two things; (1) subscribe for this program and (2) get ready to do your best. In this case…..‘your best is good enough’’.


Lost tummy fat in 1week.

I noticed fat around my tummy one evening when I was having a shower but I felt I was just adding a little weight. A week after, my tummy area was still getting bigger.So, before it went out of hand, I consulted Kaycee. He advised me to try different things like;stop eating starchy foods, take vegetables and brown rice in place of starchy food and have 2 or 3 sessions of workout every week or eat what I have been eating and run, jog, skip or dance for 30mins, 5times a week,among other things…. Ever since then,I jog for 30mins every day, at my leisure I skip, when I listen to music I dance and I do activities like jump squats……

After 1 week I noticed that the fat around my tummy had gone. I can now confidently wear my dinner gown without a tube or girdle. Thank you, Kaycee.

-Mrs Awotunde Olubunmi

Ever since my encounter with you, I have found out that you are patient, intelligent and kind.You always have the right words to say to me and you always give me the impression that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. I look at your great physique and I know for sure that I can look like that because you tell me so. Kaycee you inspire me….

-Mr Cool Kenneth

Kaycee is a very good trainer and he motivates me lot. Sometimes when I don’t feel like going to the gym and I remember Kaycee I run down to the gym because I know he will make it worth my while by helping me burn the necessary amount of calories I need to burn to reach my goal. Working with him has benefited me in so many ways, one of which is the fact that I have lost 3kg in just 2weeks of training with him, which is a positive impact already…..

-Mrs Iheohakwere E. Sylvia

Kaycee is very understanding, unlike my last trainer that never allowed me rest.He made me do more and more work without resting but Kaycee knows when to tell me stop, rest, work and all. Kaycee’s approach has helped me loose 4kg in a little over 2weeks.

-Miss Osuala Ijeoma

Subscription Packages

1. Regular = N5,000/month

*30days exercise/workout plan

*Weekly exercise/workout plan updates

*Weekly follow-up

*Visual illustration of exercise routines

*Diet and dietary supplement advice

2. VIP = N15,000/month

*30days exercise/workout plan

*Weekly exercise/workout plan updates

**Daily follow-up

*One on one training in our gym once a month

*Motivational materials

*Visual illustration of exercise in the workout plan

**Audio illustration of exercise in the workout plan

*Diet and dietary supplement advice

3. Island Super = N25,000/month(ikoyi-v/island-lekki)

Only for residents of Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.

*30days exercise/workout plan

*Weekly exercise/workout plan updates

*Daily follow-up

**One on one training in our gym or client’s preferred location once every weekend (Saturday or Sunday)

*Motivational materials

*Visual illustration of exercise in the workout plan

*Audio illustration of exercises in the workout plan

*Diet and dietary supplement advice

Limited slots available.


To subscribe:

Make your payments in our GTbank account;


Account number; 0122037703

then text your teller number, depositor’s name and contact details to; +2348164297612

For further inquiries:

Tel: +2348164297612, +2348088501504
BB pin:3245428e


9 responses to “The ‘Perfect Body’ Online Fitness Training Program

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  2. Reading through alone got ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ inspired and ​ℓ̊ so wish to be a part of this already! ​ℓ̊’ll do ♍y best to register for this online training cos ​ℓ̊’m living farther, tho not that far. G̶̲̥̅Ö̤̣̇D̶̲̥̅̊ bless the originator.

  3. I am @viabulli (chekwus) b4 any subscription, i want to know if there are body types that doesn’t respond to work out and if staying away 4rm meals doesn’t work in some occassions. Thanks

    • Hello chekwus, there is no body type that don’t respond to workout. A body type will only not respond to workout if the workout is done wrongly or the workout routine that is being used is meant for a different body type. Now to your second question: when you say, “staying away from meals” do u mean; staying away from unhealthy meals or skipping meals? Well if you mean, “staying away from unhealthy meals”, it definitely will help you get closer to your fitness goal whatever it maybe. Now if you mean, “skipping meals”, I would advise you not to even consider it because you will lose weight but instead of losing just fat, you will also lose muscle which will be detrimental to your metabolism. The lower your metabolism the easier it is for you to put on weight in form of fat. You obviously can’t keep skipping meals all your life, so as soon as you stop skipping those meals, you will put the weight back on and this time you would add weight faster than before you started skipping meals. In some cases even when you skip meals you will still keep adding weight, that’s your body fighting to retain energy in form of fat, so that u don’t die of starvation.

      We hope we have been able to answer your question? Thanks for asking….

  4. I stay at the mainland, and am interested in your fitness program. before now I used to have a very wonderful curves, but after I put to bed in 2010 my tommy has refused to go down, it gives me sleepless night. Am not fat though but a shapeless and big tommy.

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