The 12 weeks “Fit & Curvy Woman” training program.

We are Africans and in Africa our women are known for one thing amongst others; their CURVES. In Africa we don’t see slim as sexy, down here curves are the only sexy we know and no matter how westernised we have become, that fact may never change. In the western world, most female fitness models and health enthusiasts usually have slim bodies with very little or no curves at all and over there they are seen as being sexy but down here, do we think they are sexy? HELL NO! In fact here in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, it’s pretty hard to get a lady to workout except the lady is so fat she doesn’t care about losing the curves in the process of losing weight. Because she has too much already, all she wants is to lose weight. In Nigeria to get a slim lady to workout is like writing a final year exam. Most slim ladies will say; do you want me to lose the little curves I have, I’m looking for how to add weight and you are talking about working out.
The truth is that working out can make you add weight and when we say weight we mean healthy lean muscle mass kind of weight, not fat. When it comes to fat, you can’t determine where it grows but when it comes to lean muscle mass you can totally control where and how big it grows. In the past a lot of ladies have refused to workout out of fear of losing the little curves they have. Well, we have good news for you; Kaycee the #MeanTrainer (celebrity fitness trainer, Mr Body Perfect 2011) has designed this 12-weeks “Fit & Curvy Woman” train program, packaged to help you get those smashing curves and get fit at the same time.
This 12-weeks “Fit and Curvy Woman” training program will help anybody to get curves and get fit in 12 weeks. If you already have curves but you are fat, we all know that those curves aren’t sexy yet, this program will help you lose as much weight as possible without losing your curves. Essentially, this program is for two types of people; those that are slim or fat and are in dear need of those curves; and the fat ones who already have those curves but need to lose weight and get sexier curves.
This program will be customised to fit your individual needs. It will consist of three parts tailored to progressively help you reach your goals. It will also include tips and tricks that, if applied, will help you achieve better results.
Note that the success of this program depends on your commitment to follow through. You can either go through the program independently or have Kaycee supervise/follow-up on you, on-line.
The independent package goes for N5,000 only while the supervised package goes for N15,000 only, for the whole training period of 12weeks.

*** The best part of this program is that you don’t need a gym, the workouts can be done at home without equipments. The ladies in the testimonials/conversations below are all working out at home.

Some screen shots of conversations with some of our clients to help you know that this program is for real and it works;

Miss Tonia Orevba






Miss Tope Olatunde





Miss Zubeda





We presently don’t have any before and after pictures because none of our clients have completed the program. The program is a 12-weeks program and we only launched it a few weeks ago. As soon as any of our clients complete the program we will upload her before and after pictures here.


To subscribe:

Make your payments into our GTbank account;


Account number; 0122037703

then text your teller number, depositor’s name, the words “Fit and Curvy Woman” and contact details to; +2348164297612

For further inquiries see our Frequently asked questions page or contact us on:

No 1, Udi avenue, Victory estate,

Inside Thomas estate,

Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

Tel: +2348164297612, +2348088501504
BB pin:2AC12298
Twitter; @allthingsfitnez
Facebook; Facebook | Allthingsfitnez


52 responses to “The 12 weeks “Fit & Curvy Woman” training program.

    • hello lola, the supervision is done online so location really doesn’t matter but we operate on the island part of lagos. Please refer to our FAQ page for more understanding of the supervised package. thanks.

  1. this is really cool and affordable too. it would be liable if you guys could leave a contact address one can go to and confirm that this really is for real. no one would risk sending money to someone they can’t see and talk to physically especially if certain “complications” arise..

    • hello Ria, our testimonials show that it is for real. About the contact address, we have an affiliate gym in lagos, ajah to be precise, where you can reach Kaycee in person, all you have to do is setup an appointment to see him at the gym. The address will be forwarded to you when you call to setup the appointment. thank you. for more info and answers to other questions you might have please visit our FAQ page.

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    • Hello Mayreeyam, you will get your program via mail and the supervision will be done online. please refer to our FAQ page for more details and answers to other questions you might have. thank you

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  4. Whao!!! Love dis but jux gave birth 6months back thru CS, so don’t know if its safe for me yet cos I’ve really added weight n would love to reduce all of those fats

    • Hello Ochia, if you have totally healed then it should be safe but we advise you to ask your doctor if it’s safe before subscribing because he/she alone knows if there were any complications during the CS and how those complications might affect your workout.

    • Hi nkem, yes itworks for those looking for flat tummies. To have curves, and an hour glass kind of shape which our program promises, your tummy/waistline must reduce and get as flat and small as possible.

    • Hello funmi, we have a payment plan but it only applies to the supervised package. For the independent package you have to pay in full before training commences.

      Please contact us for info on the supervised package payment plan. Refer to our contact details above.

    • hi chinu, For the independent package, you get the workout plan, tips & tricks, and instructions on how to use the program. You also get access to ask Kaycee (your trainer) questions all through the period of the program while for the supervised package you get everything in the independent plus Kaycee will regularly contact you to see how you are doing, make sure you are doing it properly by asking you questions, checking the rate of your improvements, encouraging you to apply the tricks listed in your program and give you some other tricks that won’t be listed in the program. He might also make a few changes to your program based on your feedbacks in other to help u achieve more results, etc. As a bonus you also get a meal plan.

  5. I’m very hapi abt ds site cs reli Wnt 2 gt dt shape b4. A certain age…bt hp no situps. Cs I hear abt d side effectz . Nd u didn’t add. D amt we re gonna pay 2 it

  6. hi,please i am currently using macaroot and would be interested in the independent program for effective results,i am very skinny so would like to add weight instead of loosing it lol,so i hope the workout wouldn’t make me skinnier…i realy want to be curvy,i tired of people calling me Agbani…

  7. Please how can I achieve dis since I live in owerri? And also am seriously in need of a nice curves, am not slim neither am I fat. And I hope dis program doesn’t require any kind of drugs or injection cos I hate dat

  8. Cool site, hope this workout would make my dreams of wanting hips and butts come true…lol. And errm, if after 12 weeks of workout and there’s no difference, do I get a refund? Lol. #justasking…

    • hello niyo,
      yes, it will make your dreams come through if you dreams are to be fit and curvy. About the refund, well we are not going to lie to you like most companies do; we won’t give you a refund because the success of the program doesn’t depend solely on the workout alone, it also depends on your seriousness and dedication to the program. From our testimonials you can tell that the program works. so if it doesn’t work for you then the problem is probably from you and not the program. During the program you would have full access to Kaycee so if you make good use of that privilege by constantly keeping him updated with your progress and telling him when you are stuck and not seeing improvements, he will tell you what you are doing wrong or what to do to see improvements. That way you are sure of maximum satisfaction with your end result. Thanks

  9. Hi,I would like to have the independent package but I jst want a flat tummy and slim arms but would want thighs,butts n hips d way they are so I can look more that possible?

  10. Wow I really luv dis cos I really wanna av a nice shape nd curves bt aw mch is d money nd is evryfin done online? D exercise stuff where xactly is it located?sorry if m asking 2mch

    • hi Messy,
      no matter how many questions you as we are here to attend to you because you have to understand what we are offering before you purchase the program. We have the N15,000 package and the N5,000 package. Yes everything is done online, though if you want to meet with Kaycee all you need to do is call us to set an appointment to meet him at our contact address in Ajah.

  11. Hi Kaycee,i rili luv ds seems lyk d answr 2 my prayers. m nt fat n m nt slim either,at least datz wat ppl tell me,buh i hv fat on my arms,folds on my sides(obliques) n a tummy datz nt too big buh stl big n folds whn i sit dwn. Generally,i jst wnt a slimmer upperbody,(m busty though)wider hips n bigger bum. Is it possible?cuz i’d rili hate 2 lose d little curves i hv.

    • hi pearl,
      it very possible. The program is designed to help you lose as much fat as possible while toning and increasing or maintaining the size of your hips/butts. Whats wonderful about the program is that Kaycee designs it to suite your needs, from the data you give us immediately you subscribe. So not everybody has the same workout plan, as not everybody’s body, goals, schedule and exercise preference are the same. Thanks.

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