Kaycee’s 3 months Ultimate Fitness Program

For more photos of Kaycee, before and after using this program, follow him on instagram; @kayceeNma

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking and I’m going to address that before talking about this program. A lot of you are thinking I probably used an old photo from years back, as my before photo and a recent photo as my after photo. To confirm that the before photo was taken on may 28th 2013 all you need to do is Google the headline on the news paper I’m holding in the photo. Now that we are on the same page, let’s talk about the program.

This program is called “…Ultimate Fitness Program” because by the time you are done with this program you will be an embodiment of fitness. The program doesn’t just give the male body muscular definition or tone up the female but everything fitness has to offer. From endurance, to increase in strength, increase in lean muscle mass, quick fat burn, increase in metabolic rate, good posture, solid mid section….I can go on and on about the benefits of this program but let’s move on. The funniest thing about this program is that I didn’t go on any diet, all I did was eat healthy. I didn’t do strenuous restrictions on my meals like most fitness trainers will tell you to, in fact my clients will tell you that I always tell them to eat well and I give them a meal plan of at least 5 healthy meals daily, no matter what their goal is. Whether they are on a weight loss program or a bodybuilding program, etc, the message I always preach is; eat very well and workout and trust me. It works (you can check our instagram page for some screen shots of the testimonials of some of our clients).

Another thing is, I was quite busy at the time I used this program and I decided to eat like a busy bachelor. So I ate things that were easily accessible and I was on a high carbohydrate diet in the sense that I ate like a true Nigerian…lol. As we all know most of Nigerian meals are carbohydrate based meals.  I also tried as much as possible to reduce the cost of my meals in other to put myself in the shoes of those that can’t afford to eat as expensive as I can, in other to proof to myself that my program is truly the Ultimate and no matter your financial capacity it would work for you. So this program is not only good but cost-effective too.

Now how does the program work? This program has different intensity levels; beginner, intermediate and advance. It is built to accommodate people from different fitness levels and progressively help them move to a more advanced fitness level in a very dynamic way.

Where is the training taking place? The training takes place online. Now unlike our other online training programs this one is different in the sense that you are not going to be relating with just me but everybody that subscribes to this program. We have created a facebook group where everybody that subscribes to this program can relate with each other, ask each other questions about the program/fitness, rub minds together, post progress photos, etc.

Ok, let’s list a few of the things you stand to gain;

·         First of all you will get a soft copy of the exact exercise plan I used containing the exercises I used and the technique I applied when using them.

·         You get the meal plan I used.

·         You will be added to the support group for the program on facebook.

Now let me pause here a bit and tell you why we decided to create a support group for this program instead of going about the online training the usual way we have been doing it were we give you a workout plan and I’m the only person you have contact with as regards your training. For our previous online programs I was the only one motivating you though chats and calls but I figured that if we had a support group it would help you to achieve better results. Here are the reasons;

·         In the group we will organise body quiz and transformation completions, with cash prizes and recharge cards to be won. This would help you push yourself harder and it will also add a little fun to the group.

·         The group contains different variations of the workout plan I used. Variations for skinny people, women, fat people, and home workouts for those who can not afford to go to the gym.

·         The group also contains Videos, photos and illustrations of how to do each exercise in the program and we will be posting videos, picture and illustrations of new and improved exercises on a regular basis, to help you have some flexibility and give you a variety of exercises to choose from, as best suites your taste.

·         You will be in a group of like-minded people, people who have similar goals. When you surround yourself with like-minded people they will help you stay committed to achieving your goals.

·         You can upload progress pictures.  When people comment on your improvements, it motivates you to work harder. It’s similar to the feeling you get when a friend tells you, “You are looking good”.

·         You can post fitness related questions on issues that bother you, on the group wall, then I and/or other group members will answer your questions as best they can, give suggestions and words of encouragement, which would give your hope and help you say committed to achieving your fitness goals.

·         When you see a member that is making good improvements with his or her physique, you can ask the person what exactly the person does and try it too.

·         Lastly you get to make new friends, especially if you become popular in the group by working hard, achieving results and posting progress pictures that show marked difference.

I could go on and on about the advantages of the support group but I think the few points I just listed have gone a long way in showing you that this program is unique and with the support group you get more value for you money.

Speaking of money, I know the next question on your mind is; how much does this program cost? A program like this for 3 months is N20,000 but because we want it to be very affordable we have reduced the cost by about 50%, now all you have to pay is N10,000. On a second thought I really want to give everybody the chance to transform their bodies with this program. So for those that are subscribing this month (November) I have further cut down the cost by another 50%, which brings it to a giveaway price N5,000. This means you are getting this program at a discount of 75%. You are practically getting this program for free. Now I don’t see any reason why you should not subscribe. If you can buy a phone/computer that can surf the web and pay for a data plan then you can afford to pay N5,000 for a program such as this. If you can’t afford it, please contact me so that we can conduct a deliverance session for you. Lol.. I’m just kidding.

NOTE; to ensure the group is well organised we won’t be adding people to the group anyhow. We will be adding subscribers in batches, on monthly basis. Which means those that subscribe in the month of November will be added to the group in December and those that subscribe in December would be added to the group in January and so on. November subscribers would not only get a 75% discount but they will also get the soft copy of my personal workout plan and meal plan immediately they subscribe. Giving them extra time to try out the exercises I used and start using the meal plan in other to get used to eating healthy before joining the group in December.

What to expect when you subscribe in the month of November;

* An e-book containing Kaycee’s workout plan, and two meal plans (one for people with busy schedule and the other for those who can afford the time to cook every meal).

* you will be added to the facebook support group (discussed above) in the first week of December.

* you will get a thank you call from Kaycee, the creator of this program.

There is a limit to the amount of subscriber we can take each month once that limit is reached you would have to wait for the next month to subscribe. So hurry! Subscribe! It is first come first serve!


Don’t miss out!!!

To subscribe:

Make your payments into our GTbank account;


Account number; 0122037703

* for deposit text your teller number, depositor’s name, the words “ultimate fitness program” and contact details to; +2348164297612

* for transfers text your account number, account name, the words “ultimate fitness program” and contact details to; +2348164297612

For further inquiries contact us:

No 1, Udi avenue, Victory estate,

Inside Thomas estate,

Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

Tel: +2348164297612, +2348088501504
BB pin:2AC12298
Twitter; @allthingsfitnez @KayceeNma
Facebook; Facebook | Allthingsfitnez
Email: allthingsfitnez@gmail.com

proof of authenticity.


Superstar actress Monalisa chinda endorsed this program on twitter.


20 responses to “Kaycee’s 3 months Ultimate Fitness Program

  1. Hello Kaycee,

    How you doing,I will like to apply for dis programm okay i will lke to know where the venue @? so do get back to me with the info thanks


    • There is no venue. The program is an online training program.. if you thoroughly read the write up above you will understand what we mean by online training program. If you want to meet with us personally you call us to set up an appointment at our affiliate gym in ajah.

    • hello adeshina,
      There is no venue. The program is an online training program.. if you thoroughly read the write up above you will understand what we mean by online training program. If you want to meet with us personally you call us to set up an appointment at our affiliate gym in ajah.

  2. Hello kaycee, I will like to know the event of the program so that I should know maybe am in that tawn or have to come over for the program

    • hello Na me,
      first of all there is an address written above. Secondly if it were a scam you would have seen discrediting comments about us on the internet by now, as we have been in business for over one and a half years. At the end of the article above you will see a tweet from Monalisa Chinda, one of our celebrity clients endorsing the program on twitter. So what else do you need to be convinced that it’s not a scam? Thanks.

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