Post independence day workout; burn as many calories as possible as we celebrate Nigeria at 52

For my foreign readers who don’t know that today is Nigeria’s independence day, well it is and yeah we are 52 years free from oppression. Lol. That said, during every celebration we tend to eat and drink more which means more calories and more fat. A post celebration workout is always the best way of getting rid of those extra calories added during the course of the day/celebration period. Whether you have a workout routine you use or not, a post celebration workout is essential. Even if you have a workout plan for tomorrow, adding a post celebration workout to your workout plan for tomorrow balances things out, in that whatever workout routine you have for tomorrow wasn’t designed with the independence day celebration in mind. If your workout routine is designed to help you burn 500calories tomorrow, well I’m telling you, you will need to burn a lot more because of the extras you ate today and that’s why you need to add this post independence day workout to what ever workout routine you already have in place for tomorrow. Now you might be asking yourself wouldn’t it be too much work for me? Experts say I shouldn’t spend more than an hour on any workout, my workout routine for tomorrow takes an hour, so how will I be able to add this post independence workout to it? Well the answer is, you can split your workout into two sessions; morning and evening. You can do your workout routine for tomorrow in the morning and do the post independence day workout in the evening or vise versa. Without wasting any more time let’s get down to business.

What is this post independence day workout “sef”? The post independence day workout is a 52mins workout routine designed to help you burn as many calories as possible. This workout depends on what exercise you are comfortable with or what equipments you have access to. These are a few workout options for you;

Jog; if you prefer jogging, jog for 52mins. Alternatively you can jog for 5mins and walk for 2mins. Do this until you hit 52mins.

Skip; if you like skipping/jumping rope, skip 52 as many times as possible. Preferably 10 times. Do this for 52mins.

Bodyweight; if you are a bodybuilder or you just like working weightlifting, well here is a good one for you; pushups 12reps, lunges 10reps, squats 10reps, situps 20reps, making 52reps to complete 1set. Do this 52reps for as many sets as possible, for a period of 52mins. It doesn’t matter if u do 5reps of pushups instead of 12reps and make up by doing 27reps of Situps instead of 20reps, all that matters is that when you finish doing the pushups, situps, lunges and squats for each set the total is 52reps. Each exercise in this workout should be done as fast as possible, there should be no rest between exercises, only between sets if necessary.

Stationary bicycle; ride the bicycle at a medium pace for 5mins then ride it as fast as possible for 2mins, do this till you hit 52mins. An alternative to this could be riding the bicycle at a medium/comfortable pace for 52mins.

These are just a few ways you can customize your post independence day workout to suit your training level and shed off some of those extra calories you have added today. Pick one of the above workouts or customize yours to suit your preference.

Note: the post independence day workout must be done for 52mins. If you can’t do 52mins at once then split your post independence day workout into 2 sessions; morning and evening or tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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Mr Body Perfect 2011


6 pack abs (tummy trimming); how to build a well defined mid-section.

I feel like this article has been long over due because almost on a daily bases, questions that are directly related to this topic are thrown at me. I have noticed that this is the most discussed topic in the fitness industry and a lot of people are searching for an answer to this question; how can I get a well trimmed or defined mid-section? Well read on, and you will get all the answers you seek. Now I’m not claiming to have all the answers but this is pretty much all the basic information you need to reach your goal. In this article we will treat the basics of tummy trimming and abs building. Now to business….

When it comes to burning fat around a particular part of the body, people get it twisted, by thinking that they can concentrate on one part of the body and loose the fat around that particular part of the body without affecting the other parts. Well sorry to “burst your bubbles”….it is not possible except through surgery. When it comes to working out to loose fat any workout you do has the same effect all through the body. For example sit-ups will burn as much fat around your arms, legs and other parts of your body as it would around your mid-section. The point here is that when it comes to weightloss you can’t focus on a particular part of the body, you can only do that when you are trying to build muscle. That understood, there are two steps to a well trimmed and toned mid-section;

1. Burn the fat
2. Tone the muscle.

A point to note about this steps is that none comes before the other, they work together to achieve one goal, which is a wonderful mid-section. Now let’s expand a little on these two steps.

#1. Burn the fat;
For most people this is the hardest part, not because its hard to burn fat but because as I have said earlier they are deceived by the illusion that sit-ups and abdominal workouts in general will help them burn the fat around the tummy. So they keep on doing countless number of sit-ups and crunches which at the end of the day leads to frustration. Now don’t get me wrong, its not wrong to do abdominal workouts infact they are essential when it comes to building a well defined mid-section but the thing here is that doing only abdominal workouts is wrong because the ratio of the effect abdominal workouts have on both muscle and fat is like 10:1. Abdominal workouts do much more of muscle building than fat burning. To really burn fat and get a flat mid-section you need to really increase your body’s metabolism and this can be achieved through several ways;
-cardiovascular workouts
-building more muscle all around the body
-dietary supplements
-eating certain types of food (dieting).

Amidst all of these, cardio and dieting are at the top of the list when it comes to the amount of fat burnt and how fast the fat gets burnt.

Cardiovascular workouts are workouts that increase your heart rate. These workouts make you breathe more rapidly than other workouts. They strengthen the heart muscles which increases your cardiovascular endurance, make for better blood and nutrition circulation and increase the body’s metabolism which burns more calories/fat. Another very effective way of burning fat as I said earlier is through dieting; eating the right foods and watching/manipulating your diet in such a way that you are at a calorific deficit which forces your body to more readily use fat as a source of energy.

#2. Tone the muscle;
When it comes to abdominal muscle toning, workouts that involve the contraction and expansion of the abs/midsection, are what is needed. Workouts like situps, crunches, side-oblique-raise, etc. The contraction and expansion motion help to pump the muscles and stress them to the point of growth. The type of abdominal workout you use and the amount of reps and sets you do, depends on whether your goal is to build small feminine looking abs or to build thick and well defined masculine abs. To build thick masculine abs you might need to go to the point of ‘failure’ on every set and do a lot of sets or better still use extra resistance, like weight plates and dumbbell, while doing your abdominal workouts. You can’t use extra resistance on all abdominal workouts but you can use them on workouts like crunches(plates), side-oblique-raise (dumbbells), reverse crunch (weighted ankle straps) and so on. The use of extra resistance is a fast, and as far as I’m concerned the best, way to build rock solid abs. Like the saying goes “the heavier the weight, the bigger the muscles”. The ladies don’t really need extra resistance except they want a lot more than just a moderately toned feminine midsection or they want to build a stronger core muscle.
That brings us to core training. Core training is similar to abdominal training, only that in the case of core training, it is not just the abdominal muscles that are involved but all the muscles around the midsection, from the armpit down to your hips. Core training is more like torso stability training, in that it deals with the stability and posture of your upper body. Core training is very important because it strengthens the core muscles which helps for good posture. There are a lot of people who have well defined abs but a weak core muscle and that’s why you see some people with a protruded tummy and a six pack on it – very rampant amongst “bouncers” and bodybuilders who drink a lot. Examples of core workouts are plank, seated torso twist, leg raise and so on.

It’s always a good idea to work your core as well as your abs so as to get a complete package. There you have it, all the basic knowledge you need to get it right when working to have a trimmed and well defined six pack abs. Now all you need to do is go out there and source for exercises that can effectively help you tone up your midsection and get the results u want. On the other hand you can follow this blog and wait for the next article on abdominal workout or simply subscribe to my ‘Perfect Body’ online fitness training program for the most affordable high quality training in Nigeria.

Q&A: ….I have been advised to go on a protein diet…most nigerian foods have 100% carbohydrate…any suggestions?

hi! I just ran into your blog. I am on a journey to loss weight & I can’t go to the gym as often as I want because of my busy schedule.
The challenge I have is “my diet” i have been advised to go on a protein diet. Most Nigeria foods are 100% carbs. I don’t know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?

since you can’t make it to the gym often, dieting would be the key but you still got to workout because watching your diet is not enough to keep the fat off permanently, as you have a slow metabolism that needs to be addressed with exercise. When dieting you will lose weight no doubt but in most cases you will also lose some lean muscle mass which you would have to gain back by exercising. Increase in lean muscle mass, increases your metabolism which is the key to keeping bodyfat off permanently. If you can’t make it to the gym, there are a lot of other workouts you can do at home, such as jogging, aerobics, bodyweight exercises and so on. You don’t have to wait till you get to the gym. As for dieting I advice you to get a dietitian to draw out a diet plan for you. A diet plan that is based on “protein meals in Nigeria”. Some examples of protien meals you can include in your diet, atleast until you visit the dietitian, are; soya beans, chicken, fish, egg white and so on. You could also use supplements to increase your metabolism. Make sure not to starve yourself because it will seem to work at first but when you stop starving you will add the fat back and this time way faster than the last. Eating Small meals frequently is a way to prevent yourself from starving and it also helps to keep your body’s metabolism high.

you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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Mr Body Perfect 2011

Megatron Gym Ajah

Now this is a gym of high standard, I can attest to this because this is the first and only gym I have ever used. I used this gym for only 5 months before winning the ‘Mr body perfect’ award in 2011.

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They also offer a wide range of services; aerobics, weight training, dance, yoga, boxing, basketball court, tennis court, 5 on 5 soccer, swimming pool, massage and relaxation studio, standard 8-ball snooker table, the list is endless. Their trainers are very friendly and dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Visit them today at; block1, victory estate, (in thomas estate), ajah, lagos.
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If you live within the lekki-ajah axis, just give them a try and I promise you will be amazed.

Gym crashers

Lol…I was just leaving the gym and then this set of people came to mind; ‘gym crashers’. ‘Gym crashers’ is the name I give people who come to the gym with no idea whatsoever of what their fitness goals are or what exercise to do. So when they come to the gym all they do is copy others. Now there are two types of gym crashers; those who are inquisitive and ready to learn and those who copy others without asking questions to know why and how they do what they do. The first type of ‘gym crashers’ are inquisitive and want to learn but most of them ask questions at the wrong time. I’m not against them asking me questions but let them ask questions when I’m done working out. Sometimes I get questions like what part of the body does that exercise build or how do I get packs like yours or I’ve been working out for a long time and I’m not seeing any changes what could be the problem, questions like this get me thinking; does this guy actually expect me to stop what I’m doing and answer him? What really hurts me is the fact that I can’t just give him a short answer because I will probably confuse him the more and he might misquote me somewhere else. So most times I have to stop what I’m doing and explain for about 3-5 minutes, and the way I workout that’s a lot of time lost.
The second type of ‘gym crashers’ piss me off because 99% of them workout for months without improvement. For me if I were to workout for a prolonged period of time without improvements it could cause lack of motivation but I make sure that doesn’t happen by studying a lot to find out new ways to constantly make sure there is an improvement, even if it is a small one. Another annoying thing they do is they talk and disturb others with their idle talk. Imagine somebody brings up a topic about football, other ‘gym crashers’ join the discussion and then they try to involve you by throwing a direct question at you while you are doing a ‘no-rest-pause-superset’. When I’m working out I hate being interrupted because it affects my concentration and speed but this set of people don’t give a damn, all they do is talk, ask questions that are not related to fitness and occupy an equipment for a long period of time because they don’t know when they have done enough of a particular exercise. Its seems to me that this people see the gym as a social gathering and don’t know the importance of the gym. Yeah you can make friends at the gym, infact I wish to meet my soul-mate at the gym but it makes better sense to socialize after working out. Like they say, business before pleasure.
My best time in the gym is when nobody is there, just me and the trainer or a couple of people who know what they came to the gym for. Reason being that at this time I hardly get those annoying questions or discussions. Anyway this is just me ‘spitting’ my mind. Thanks for sharing in my pain.

weight loss or fat loss

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to weight loss. If you tell a qualified fitness trainer/coach that you want to loose weight, one of the questions that should come up should be; do u want to loose weight in general (fat and muscle) or do you want to loose bodyfat alone? The reason why trainers/coaches ask this question is that most people use the term weight loss when they just want to burn fat. You may ask “if I burn fat won’t I loose weight?” the answer is yes but weight loss means a lot more than just burning fat. Sometimes I see articles with titles like; ‘5 steps to gain weight’ or ‘gain weight in no time’ and stuff like that but what is funny is that, when they say ‘gain weight’ they actually mean build muscle. Now see the confusion when they say “weight loss” they refer to ‘losing bodyfat’ and when they say “gain weight” they mean ‘adding muscle mass’.
In conclusion weight loss don’t just mean less fat, it also means less muscle. So the next time you go to the gym, be more specific when telling the trainer your goals.