Up close and personal with Miss Agatha James – Miss Physique Nigeria July 2012.

(1) Tell us a little about yourself.

My name’s Agatha James. I am from Enugu State, Nkanu west local government area though I was born in the north and practically grew up there. I was born April 19th 1993. I am a student of Benson Idahosa University studying microbiology. I love reading, cooking, watching tv/movies, dancing, travelling and making friends. I hate pretence. I love being myself and relating with people.

(2) How did you feel when you won the MPN contest?

I felt really happy. I just had this wonderful feeling knowing I was Miss Physique Nigeria July 2012.

(3) How are you preparing for the final live stage contest?

Am really preparing well for the show. I workout at home most of the time and I do try visiting the gym at least once or twice a week.

(4) What is your workout routine like?

I workout in the mornings and evenings, 5 times a week.

(5) What is your secret for staying in shape?

Nothing, really! I just workout and I also watch what I eat and I don’t really eat much.

(6) What do your friends say about your body/physique?

My friends do say I have a good shape and that they love my physique. Like when I wasn’t into modelling, friends would be like what am I still waiting for. (She shakes her head)

(7) We noticed you have abs, how did you get them?

I just do the sit-up every morning and evening.

(8) What is your advice to Nigerians in the area of fitness?

My advice to Nigerians in the area of fitness is that they should try to live healthy and exercise at least once or twice a week, because it really pays to live healthy.

(9) Name five exercises you love the most.


*abdominal crunches,


*flutter kick oblique crunches and


(10) What is your diet like?

My diet is kind of normal, but I try to take more of proteins and vegetables and when I take carbohydrates like rice because that’s my favourite, I ensure vegetables go with it like carrots, peas etc.

(11) What is your view on the MPN contest?

My view on the MPN contest is that it is a good medium to create awareness on the essentials of living a healthy life and also enable people to do so.

(12) What is your advice to those who want to participate in the Mr and Miss Physique Nigeria contest?

My advice to future contestants is that they should try to live a healthy life not just because of the contest alone but because of their wellbeing.

(13) How does it feel to be a fitness model?

It feels great because that shows am living a healthy life.

(14) Say something to your fans.

I love all my fans and am saying a big thank you to all those who supported me because they believed in me and I promise I will continue to stay in shape. (She smiles)


Interview: An interview with a client; Miss. Ijeoma Osuala

Q: What prompted you to start working out?

A: I started working out because I’m fat (she giggles) and I have to workout to lose weight. Also because of my fiancé.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: The fact that I have set a target keeps me motivated. My wedding is coming up soon and I know I have to lose weight before then.

Q: Who is your trainer and how has working with him/her benefited you?

A: Kaycee. I think he is more understanding, unlike my last trainer, who never allowed me rest, he made me do more and more work without resting but Kaycee knows when to tell me stop, rest, work and so on. And Kaycee’s approach and methods have benefited me, in that I have been able to lose 4kg in a little over 2weeks.

Q: What is your advise to those who aren’t working out?

A: My advise to those who aren’t working out is that, everyone needs good blood circulation everyday, so we all need to exercise daily, especially those that have the traits of diabetes and hypertension. Even stress; working out helps you to reduce stress.

you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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