About us

We are a Nigerian based company driven with a passion to create awareness for the need to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

To be the biggest pioneer of the gospel of fitness and health in Africa and beyond.

To help people reach their fitness goals through proper training and dieting. To be a brand that shows other brands the way. To take the fitness industry in Nigeria and other African countries to the highest level possible. To teach the African youth how to make a Living from embracing fitness and health as a lifestyle. And finally to build a strong fitness fan base in and out of Africa.


KAYCEE “MeanTrainer” NMA, is a Nigerian based personal fitness trainer, model, writer, president ‘Mr and Miss physique Nigeria’ contest and the winner of the ‘Mr Ideal Nigeria – Mr body perfect 2011’ award. He is a young man who is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. He started giving out free fitness tips and consultations online, after he won the award in 2011 and later decided to take personal training as a profession. From his interactions with Nigerians he noticed that most Nigerians are not fitness and health conscious. On realizing this he swore to be the apostle of fitness in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, to create awareness and to enlighten people on the benefits of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

“despite the fact that I am a very handsome young man, I used to have self-esteem issues but fitness saved me. I started working out with weights, 5months to my winning the ‘Mr Body Perfect 2011’ title. Within this period I had built a physique that commanded respect anywhere I went, a physique that put a smile on my face every-time I looked into the mirror and that greatly improved my self-esteem. When this happened I vowed to help others feel the same way I feel, reach their fitness goals, stay in shape and build a rock solid self-esteem just like I have done.” – KAYCEE “The body perfectionist” NMA

He is called “the body perfectionist” because he strives for nothing short of perfection, when he works out or trains his clients. People also say that he has the ideal and perfect physique of an alpha-male. He started the “Mr and Miss Physique Nigeria” contest to affirm the fact that he is committed not just to encouraging people to live a fit and healthy lifestyle but also to showing them (especially the youths) how to make a living off it. He is presently working on a lot of projects, one of which is the “burn the fat, tone the muscle” boot camp.

To book a session with Kaycee or any of our trainers or to have a look at our offers, please click the “book a session” button at the top of this page.


One response to “About us

  1. Hello Kaycee, This is Adeyemi Aliu from CKIS. Im proud of what you are doing…keep it up! also, i will like you to connect me to a female modeling company here in Lagos, my younger sister is so much interested …..thanks.

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