Friday discount offer; Subscribe to the 12weeks Fit and Curvy Woman training program at a discount of…


The Fit and Curvy Woman Training Program as the name implies is designed to help women get a curvy and fit body through a program that includes a workout plan, meal plan, tips and tricks, and instructions on how to effectively go through the program and come out with remarkable results. Click here for more details.

Enjoy 20% discount today when you subscribe to the supervised package of the Fit and Curvy Woman training program and when a group of two (you and one of your contacts) jointly subscribe to the unsupervised package of the Fit and curvy Woman training program. see illustrations below;
* supervised package; N15,000 – N12,000
* unsupervised package – group of 2; N10,000 – N8,000

For more details on the Fit and Curvy Woman training program, Click here

*** This Offer is only valid for today Friday 06/09/2013…




You are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant change to your diet and workout.

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For personal training, customized workout, diet and supplement plans Click here or contact us at, +2348037190738, BB pin:2AC12298


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