ATF UPDATE: Allthingsfitnez is 1 year old today.

Allthingsfitnez as the name implies is a company that is established to do everything fitness related. So far in a year of our existence, we have attained some remarkable heights in the Nigerian fitness industry. In this 1 year we have trained 4 celebrity clients amongst others, we have a fan base of over 10,000 fans across 2 social media accounts and we are now at the forefront of fitness in Nigeria. As of now we give free daily fitness tips on twitter, facebook and blackberry messenger. We have established 2 competitions; “Mr and Miss Physique Nigeria”, which is also about a year old and the “Allthingsfitnez Body Transformation Challenge”, which started this week. By God’s grace we have achieved these and many more and we pray that his grace will continue to be sufficient enough to help us achieve more. Our goal is to educate and help Nigerians and africa as a whole, to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We say a big thank you to all our fans, blog readers and most especially our clients, without you we wouldn’t be were we are today. Thank you.



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