INTERVIEW: Up close and personal with Miss Amanda Lyne – Miss Physique Nigeria October 2012.

(1) Tell us a little about yourself.

Amanda Lyne Okonkwo (born February, 1991), is an Actress, a model and a writer. I was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria to Nigerian parents, Joy Amaechi Okonkwo and Chief Oscar Ejike Okonkwo. I am the last out of five children and has a strong connection with the Nigerian culture. I’m from Anambra state. A final year student of lagos state university studying Theatre art.

(2) How did you feel when you won the MPN contest?

I felt elated and I’m grateful.

(3) How are you preparing for the final live stage contest?

Being a fitness model has been rewarding for me and it has helped me show off the physique that I’ve worked so hard to attain. The final contest will be an avenue to show people how beautiful i am and also how conscious I am about my health. It’s not an especially easy field, but i am preparing hard and I’m following my usual diet and my work out programs.

(4) What is your workout routine like?

I go out jogging at least twice a week because it’s a good work out and so relaxing. I try not to get so worn out at the end of my days.

(5) What is your secret for staying in shape?

Good food. Work-out programs.

(6) What do your friends say about your body/physique?

Most of my friends tell me i have a natural physique but the thing is i try as much as possible to maintain my physique by working out and staying in shape. However, most of my friends have good and honest remarks

(7) What is your advice to Nigerians in the area of fitness?

Nigerians should eat healthy and engage themselves in different sporting activities to keep their body fit and help them stay in shape. Nigerians should also understand the mental requirements because this can make you or break you.

(8) Name five exercises you love the most.

Aerobic exercise, skipping, sit-ups, jogging and cycling. They help me burn excess calories to cut down body fat.

(9) What is your diet like?

I do not have a special diet, I like to eat good food and try as much as possible to balance my diet. There are some obvious foods that i put on my bad food list. These include foods such as fried foods and sweets. i also Schedule my meals appropriately.

(10) What is your view on the MPN contest?

MPN contest has been a blessing and it has helped people realize the importance of fitness. As a model, the MPN contest will create a platform for me to get to the pinnacle of my career without ignoring the fitness tips to help me Look and feel my best.

(11) What is your advice to those who want to contest?

Becoming a model of any kind can be a challenging process. And one of the more difficult areas of modeling to break into is fitness modeling. You need to understand that there is a certain level of fitness and body shape that needs to be maintained. Be honest with yourself, you have to develop your own magnum look, only with more versatility and always believe in yourself. if you have the looks and the desire, you can become fitness model.

(12) How does it feel to be a fitness model?

It feels good. Being a fitness model has added spice to my life. I feel like i am doing exactly what i am meant to do, Working out daily has been fun which is also very important as it helps me achieve and maintain my figure.

(13) Say something to your fans.

I want to say a big Thank you for your votes and for keeping me in the contest. I will not let you down. Always remember to stay fit and kindly note that a balanced diet and exercise do wonders for disease prevention and helps maintain a healthy body both inside and out. God Bless you all.

Stay fit!

you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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