Post independence day workout; burn as many calories as possible as we celebrate Nigeria at 52

For my foreign readers who don’t know that today is Nigeria’s independence day, well it is and yeah we are 52 years free from oppression. Lol. That said, during every celebration we tend to eat and drink more which means more calories and more fat. A post celebration workout is always the best way of getting rid of those extra calories added during the course of the day/celebration period. Whether you have a workout routine you use or not, a post celebration workout is essential. Even if you have a workout plan for tomorrow, adding a post celebration workout to your workout plan for tomorrow balances things out, in that whatever workout routine you have for tomorrow wasn’t designed with the independence day celebration in mind. If your workout routine is designed to help you burn 500calories tomorrow, well I’m telling you, you will need to burn a lot more because of the extras you ate today and that’s why you need to add this post independence day workout to what ever workout routine you already have in place for tomorrow. Now you might be asking yourself wouldn’t it be too much work for me? Experts say I shouldn’t spend more than an hour on any workout, my workout routine for tomorrow takes an hour, so how will I be able to add this post independence workout to it? Well the answer is, you can split your workout into two sessions; morning and evening. You can do your workout routine for tomorrow in the morning and do the post independence day workout in the evening or vise versa. Without wasting any more time let’s get down to business.

What is this post independence day workout “sef”? The post independence day workout is a 52mins workout routine designed to help you burn as many calories as possible. This workout depends on what exercise you are comfortable with or what equipments you have access to. These are a few workout options for you;

Jog; if you prefer jogging, jog for 52mins. Alternatively you can jog for 5mins and walk for 2mins. Do this until you hit 52mins.

Skip; if you like skipping/jumping rope, skip 52 as many times as possible. Preferably 10 times. Do this for 52mins.

Bodyweight; if you are a bodybuilder or you just like working weightlifting, well here is a good one for you; pushups 12reps, lunges 10reps, squats 10reps, situps 20reps, making 52reps to complete 1set. Do this 52reps for as many sets as possible, for a period of 52mins. It doesn’t matter if u do 5reps of pushups instead of 12reps and make up by doing 27reps of Situps instead of 20reps, all that matters is that when you finish doing the pushups, situps, lunges and squats for each set the total is 52reps. Each exercise in this workout should be done as fast as possible, there should be no rest between exercises, only between sets if necessary.

Stationary bicycle; ride the bicycle at a medium pace for 5mins then ride it as fast as possible for 2mins, do this till you hit 52mins. An alternative to this could be riding the bicycle at a medium/comfortable pace for 52mins.

These are just a few ways you can customize your post independence day workout to suit your training level and shed off some of those extra calories you have added today. Pick one of the above workouts or customize yours to suit your preference.

Note: the post independence day workout must be done for 52mins. If you can’t do 52mins at once then split your post independence day workout into 2 sessions; morning and evening or tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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