EVENT: MR IDEAL NIGERIA 2012; who will win the Mr Body Perfect 2012 award? Brace yourselves as you feed your eyes with the pictures of 37 of Nigeria’s sexiest men.

I consider it an honor to blog about this pageant because of what the pageant stands for and what it has achieved in such a short time. Though the article is coming rather late, considering the fact that the grand finale is coming up on Saturday, I just feel I have to write something about this pageant because to me there is no other pageant more worthy to be written about than this pageant, at this time. I can say a lot about this pageant considering the fact that it is a very popular pageant and I (kaycee) won its fitness award last year. The pageant has produced four CEOs in two years and is hoping to produce more this year. To learn more about the pageant visit; http://www.mridealnigeria.com

As a fitness blogger my main focus is on one thing and one thing alone; the fitness award (Mr Body Perfect). The fitness award (Mr Body Perfect), aside from the overall award (Mr Ideal Nigeria), is regarded as the most sorted for and most valued award. The reason for this is that, past winners of this award have been regarded as fitness icons in Nigeria and the pageant has done a lot in helping them get to their present status.

To win the award you are required to have a well-rounded physique and muscle definition. A professional bodybuilder probably won’t win the award because they tend to be too big and scary. A sexy and well-built body (from head to toe) is what the pageant is looking out for when it comes to who wins this award. After all said and done the question on my mind and the minds of most fans of the pageant is; who is going to be ‘MR BODY PERFECT 2012? Well keep your fingers crossed as we peruse the pictures of the sexiest men in Nigeria. Here are your contestants, (hover your cursor over the pictures to see which states they represent) enjoy….There you have it! your 37 contestants. Before y’all start leaving your comments on who y’all think should be the winner of this prestigious award (Mr Body Perfect 2012), let me give you a list of five people I think are eligible to win the award. In no particular other, they are representatives of;


Look out for these guys. If at the grand finale they look the same way or even better than they look in the pictures above, then one of them is going to be decorated with the MR BODY PERFECT 2012 sash on Saturday. Watch out!!!

Please leave your predictions and comments in the comment area below…..

Don’t forget to come support your favorite contestants at the MR IDEAL NIGERIA grand finale on this saturday the 9th of June

Venue; SPICERY HO TEL, Oniru estate, lekki lagos.
Time; 5PM.

Let the predictions begin……


One response to “EVENT: MR IDEAL NIGERIA 2012; who will win the Mr Body Perfect 2012 award? Brace yourselves as you feed your eyes with the pictures of 37 of Nigeria’s sexiest men.

  1. My top 5 are mr Edo, Calabar, Akwa ibom, Adamawa and mr ondo. To complete d top ten are mr imo, Ogun, kastina, Zamfara , and mr Bayelsa. Well it was very difficult 4 me choosing becos all these guys are very very hot and okay. Am proud to be a nigerian.

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