how to burn fat permanently; burn the recommended 2pounds(lb) per week.

This is one of the first topics I discuss with my clients before they set their goals and commence training. Reason being that without having this discussion most clients set goals that are unrealistic and in the long run would lead to only temporary weightloss.

In order to burn fat almost permanently, researchers and very experienced trainers advise that we set our weightloss goal to around 2lb per week. They further stress that any weightloss that is more than 2Ib, there about, will in most cases lead to temporary weightloss. now over the course of training myself and others I have tried to understand why this is so and I have discovered 2 reasons why this may be so;

Energy is stored in the body as fat and glycogen. When carbohydrate is taken into the body and broken down it turns to glucose, which gets used by the body at that time or stored as fat or glycogen. Glycogen is stored in the muscle (the bigger the muscle the more its glycogen storage capacity). Our body expends energy at every time ‘t’ meaning that at everytime of the day, even when at rest our body uses up energy. Now that energy is either gotten from the stored fat or glycogen. To burn fat permanently we should aim to reduce the amount of stored glycogen being used as energy and increase the amount of stored fat used as energy. When we burn more than 2Ib in a week we tend to make use of more glycogen which causes a reduction in muscle size. Reduction in muscle size also means a reduction in body metabolism and a reduction in body metabolism leads to a reduction in the amount of calories burnt at rest which invariably means less fat would be burnt at rest due to the reduction in body metabolism.

Our body metabolism plays a major role in making sure we keep fat off permanently. So since burning more than 2Ib per week might risk reduction in body metabolism at rest, we are advised to stick to the 2Ib per week recommendation if our goal is to keep the fat off permanently.

To lose more than 2Ib a week most of us have to go to far reaching lengths like tying your lower and upper jaw together, spending long hours in the gym everyday or taking supplements that can not be used for a prolonged period of time because of side effects. I have seen cases like these several times. After doing these things for a while the people actually lose weight massively but once they stop whatever it is they are doing they add back the fat faster than before.

There was a recent case like that in the last gym I worked with. The lady in question had used one of these Chinese supplements a while ago and she lost so much weight but after about three months she was told that she had to stop taking it for a while because of the side effects it may cause due to prolonged usage. She stopped it and in a very short time of not using it she became fatter than she ever was ( it was at that point she came to the gym). Except whatever you are doing to lose more than 2Ib per week also helps you build lean muscle mass and is something you can keep doing all through your life, please desist from doing it or you may never keep that fat off permanently.

So as we can see from the two points sited above, to burn fat permanently we need to keep our weightloss goal, around 2pounds(Ib) per week.

you are advised to see a doctor before you make any significant changes to your diet and workout.

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