Eating 5 or more times a day is healthier than the normal 3 times a day that you are probably used to.

I was listening to a radio show recently and they asked this question; how many times should we eat in a day? I heard a lot of callers, call in and give their views and one answer that kept coming up was; we should eat a sizable meal three times a day. Now I didn’t get a chance to call in, but I decided to blog about what I would have said.

I personally eat 6 times a day. Yeah! yeah! yeah! I can already see you opening your month and shouting, GLUTTON!!!! Well just close your month and read on to see reasons why you should join me in eating as frequently as I do. First of all the real issue here is not really about how many times you eat in a day but how many calories you consume on a daily bases. Once you know how many calories you should consume daily then the next step will be to know why it is recommended to eat small meals atleast 5 times daily. I remember way back in high school, we used to have 2 breaks periods a day during school hours and during those 2 breaks most of us, students, used to buy snacks during each break. Now the reason I brought that up is that must people had 2 breaks at school and just like me they always ate something during those breaks and if you calculate it properly you will find out that coupled with their breakfast, lunch and dinner, they were actually eating 5 meals daily.

Now that we know that sometime in our lives we probably ate 5 times daily, let me explain why we are advised to eat small meals atleast 5 times a day:

– TO BURN MORE CALORIES (bodyfat loss)
I’m sure you are asking yourself how does eating 5 times a day burn calories. Well the simple fact is that when you eat your body burns energy (calories) during the process of digestion. So eating 5 times or more helps to spread out the process of digestion for a longer period of time and in turn your body will be working all through the day and that means we will be burning fat all through the day.

-TO MAKE SURE THE GLUCOSE IN THE MUSCLE – reserve energy – NEVER GETS USED UP. (bodybuilders)
As bodybuilders we never want to loose muscle, because in bodybuilding size is everything. People who really don’t want muscle but want to stay in shape still need a certain amount of muscle size so they can keep burning a lot of fat even when they are resting. If your “reserve energy” is used up you will run the risk of loosing some amount of muscle. So in essence whether you are a bodybuilder or fitness person, your muscle size is important and you can maintain or increase your muscles size by eating the right amount of food 5 or more times daily.

Eating 3 times a day makes the average man/woman to eat to much at once which in most cases causes the bloated feeling and heaviness. On the other hand if you eating small portions atleast 5 times a day you will notice that you still feel light enough after each meal.

Eating 3 times daily, in most cases, makes you eat a lot at once and eating a lot at once causes your body to receive an overdose of energy and when the body is overdosed with energy it stores the excess energy as fat. Mean while when you eat 5 times a day you spread the energy supply through a long period of time. Which prevents the supply of excess energy and that means less or no energy will be stored as fat.

These are just some of the many reasons you should aim at eating small portions of food atleast 5 times daily.

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