how to stay motivated in your quest to attain a fitter and healthier body.

Motivation is very essential in every sphere of life, whether it be sports, fitness, schooling, working, weightlifting, name it. Motivation is even a lot more important when it comes to developing good habits. Habits like; working out regularly, doing every exercise slowly with good form, eating right, washing your hands before eating, sleeping 6 hours a day and so on. Motivation is one of the keys to success in any endeavor.

Now the question is how do we get motivated and most especially how do we stay motivated in our quest for a better body and a generally wonderful health? Well there are a lot of things and happenings that motivate people, for example I’m motivated by what I have seen others accomplish, my own accomplishments, the praise I get from admirers, my family (my mum most especially), what I know I can achieve if I’m consistent, being a source of inspiration to many people also motivates me and the list goes on and on. So like I said earlier there are a lot of things that motivate people and you are probably reading this article because you have been motivated to live a fit and healthy life maybe because you know your health is important or you have seen my body and you want to look just like that; you see whatever it is that’s your motivation. To get motivated is not the problem for most people. The problem for most people is how do we stay motivated? I have seen a lot of people go to the gym for a month or 2 and they eventually stopped going. Now they were surely motivated that’s why they came to the gym in the first place but along the way something went wrong, they just didn’t feel the way they felt before stepping into the gym. They lost the motivation to workout. They lost their first love for fitness and health. They just couldn’t take it anymore, they allowed the hustle and bustle in life to take the better of them. I understand the feeling because I have been there myself. I have lost motivation to workout a lot of times. Probably because I didn’t get to a particular goal I set, I couldn’t workout under the kind of conditions I would have wanted to, I wasn’t eating properly because of my busy schedule, I just felt depressed about something and then allowed it rob off on my workout or I fell ill and lost lot of muscle. Yeah there are lots of reasons why I have lost my motivation to workout in the past, that’s why I had to derive ways of keeping myself in the game, keeping myself ever hungry for a better physique and an all round healthier life.

Now I’m going to tell you how I have managed to stay motivated all this while and I hope it helps you out:
– I read the success stories of fitness models, natural bodybuilders and even regular individuals that have been able to successfully transform their bodies.
– I use the pictures of my fitness heroes as wallpaper and screen savers on my gadgets, so that every time I take a look at or use that gadget, especially my phone, I get to see their pictures and get motivated to want to be like them and I can only do that by working out. That motivates me to workout even harder.
– I keep track of my progress. Now this can go both ways. If you are making progress it would motivate you to do more but if you are not making any progress (or even worse; maybe your muscle size has reduced or if your goal is weight loss; you have added more weight) you may begin to get discouraged. Well for me when that happens I just know it’s either I’m doing something wrong or what I’m doing is no longer enough to stress my muscle adequately to cause growth. For me this doesn’t discourage me, atleast not anymore because when this happens I just keep changing my workout and, or diet till I start seeing an improvement.
– I look at what I have achieved so far and that gives me the boost I need to keep at it.
– I look at the endless opportunities out there for people with wonderful bodies and I keep on telling myself if I keep at it the possibilities are endless.
– I also look at the achievements of other people in the fitness industry and I know that if I work harder, 1 day I too would achieve all those things. So I derive motivation from that and I workout the more.
– I get comments everyday from guys about how wonderful my physique is and how they want to have a physique just like mine. Not to talk of the ladies that encourage me with their never dying love for my body especially my abs. Now tell me who will not stay motivated knowing that people appreciate the hard work they have put into getting their body into shape.
– finally I surround myself with people who are like minded. People who have goals and are interested in fitness.

Now you will be lucky if your family members share in your love for fitness and are very supportive of you because there is no other support that can equal that of your family. For me I’m lucky to have a family, especially my mother, that supports me in anyway they can, in achieving my fitness goals.

These are just a few of the things that keep me motivated and funny enough some of these points also apply to our everyday life, so I hope you have been able to pick up a thing or 2 on how to stay motivated in your quest for a better physique and generally healthy lifestyle.


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