Gym crashers

Lol…I was just leaving the gym and then this set of people came to mind; ‘gym crashers’. ‘Gym crashers’ is the name I give people who come to the gym with no idea whatsoever of what their fitness goals are or what exercise to do. So when they come to the gym all they do is copy others. Now there are two types of gym crashers; those who are inquisitive and ready to learn and those who copy others without asking questions to know why and how they do what they do. The first type of ‘gym crashers’ are inquisitive and want to learn but most of them ask questions at the wrong time. I’m not against them asking me questions but let them ask questions when I’m done working out. Sometimes I get questions like what part of the body does that exercise build or how do I get packs like yours or I’ve been working out for a long time and I’m not seeing any changes what could be the problem, questions like this get me thinking; does this guy actually expect me to stop what I’m doing and answer him? What really hurts me is the fact that I can’t just give him a short answer because I will probably confuse him the more and he might misquote me somewhere else. So most times I have to stop what I’m doing and explain for about 3-5 minutes, and the way I workout that’s a lot of time lost.
The second type of ‘gym crashers’ piss me off because 99% of them workout for months without improvement. For me if I were to workout for a prolonged period of time without improvements it could cause lack of motivation but I make sure that doesn’t happen by studying a lot to find out new ways to constantly make sure there is an improvement, even if it is a small one. Another annoying thing they do is they talk and disturb others with their idle talk. Imagine somebody brings up a topic about football, other ‘gym crashers’ join the discussion and then they try to involve you by throwing a direct question at you while you are doing a ‘no-rest-pause-superset’. When I’m working out I hate being interrupted because it affects my concentration and speed but this set of people don’t give a damn, all they do is talk, ask questions that are not related to fitness and occupy an equipment for a long period of time because they don’t know when they have done enough of a particular exercise. Its seems to me that this people see the gym as a social gathering and don’t know the importance of the gym. Yeah you can make friends at the gym, infact I wish to meet my soul-mate at the gym but it makes better sense to socialize after working out. Like they say, business before pleasure.
My best time in the gym is when nobody is there, just me and the trainer or a couple of people who know what they came to the gym for. Reason being that at this time I hardly get those annoying questions or discussions. Anyway this is just me ‘spitting’ my mind. Thanks for sharing in my pain.


2 responses to “Gym crashers

  1. Uhm…spoke wit u before…already working out,already had Muscles n den stopped cos dere wasn’t equipments again n d change of environment forces me to have to beg neighbours to give me deirs to use….wat can I do in my dear room to maintain or ever develop my muscles which are already dere cos dey r startin to shrink n I can fil it…+ my belly has always bin an issue…I try to maintain my flat stomach buh I luv food n I saw a website that sed u should eat mr so u can develop muscles…buh I truly desire d six pac tin n I also heard that u can’t eat too much if u wanna maintain ur six pacs….pls wat do I do???

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