Workout challenge for the week 

Everyday I get messages from guys asking me what they should do to have my kind of physique and so I have decided that I will be putting up workout programs, on this blog, every week to help you get the physique of your choice. I’m going to employ some techniques I have learnt over the course of my bodybuilding experience. Now this is just a template you don’t have to do exactly what is written here, better still this is just to direct you in the write part. As far as I’m concerned I think you should customize it to fit your taste and fitness goals.
For this week I’m going to be starting with a workout program for beginner’s who want to build muscles:

Beach press>>>>>>>4>>>>>8-10
Military press >>>>>>4>>>>>8-10
Dead lift >>>>>>>>>8>>>>>1-2
Biceps curl>>>>>>>>4>>>>>8-10

As a beginner full body workouts with the use of exercises that involve compound movements are your best bet because full body workouts produce more testosterone (a hormone in charge of muscle growth). If you can increase your workout intensity by making your rest time between sets, shorter, say 20-30seconds, it will also increase the amount of testosterones produced.

Note: it is advisable for beginners to workout only 3-4 days weekly with rest days in between to avoid over training and give the body more time to rest and recuperate. Time spent on this workout should not be more than 45mins to 1hr daily, as testosterone levels become dangerous after this time. Please make sure you perform each rep slowly and with perfect form.

If there is anything you don’t understand or if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. If the workout works for you also leave a comment in other to encourage others. Thanks for reading this blog. Follow this blog for more workout programs.

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4 responses to “Workout challenge for the week 

  1. its also worth mentionign that doing squats, deadift and back excersises work the largest muscles which means an increase in testosterone production and bigger muscles as a result. nice info

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