my mistakes, your lessons

As a beginner I made a lot of mistakes which I have learned from. Sometimes I look back and wonder how it would have been if I had someone telling me the things I know now. They say experience is the best teacher but the experience that teaches you doesn’t have to be your experience. Those that learn from other people’s mistakes achieve more because they are able to optimize their time and gains instead of beating about the bush. Now I’m going to tell you the mistakes I made and what I learned from them. I hope this helps you not to make the same mistakes I made and to optimize your gains at the gym.
My mistakes;

#1. OVER TRAINING: I thought if I spent a lot of time working out, it was going to translate into bigger muscles in the shortest time possible. When I first started working out, I used to workout for about 6-8 hrs a day at a stretch. I know what you are thinking… ‘where did he get the strength?’. Well I guess I have always been a strong person due to the fact that I have been into sports all my life. Anyway, after reading some fitness articles and magazines I found out that I was over doing it so I reduced it to 4hrs. The more I read the more I realized how much I was hurting myself. I had developed serious injuries in my joints (my shoulders and lower back). After much said and done I now workout for only 45minutes a day but the injuries sustained from over training still affect me till today.
So the lesson here is try not to over do it because over training doesn’t make the muscles any bigger it just gives u injuries that will reduce your efficiency in the gym as time goes on.

#2. LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO USE DRUGS THOUGH I’M A NATURAL BODYBUILDER: there are 2 types of bodybuilding; natural and drug induced bodybuilding. Now with the drugs that the drug induced bodybuilders take their muscles grow whether they workout or not but for the natural bodybuilders, like me, we have to workout regularly and consistently to grow. So the problem with learning from the drug induced bodybuilders as a natural bodybuilder, is that in natural bodybuilding you have to constantly apply different techniques in your workouts to build muscle where as a drug induced bodybuilder doesn’t really have to apply any technique because anything will work. The bodies of the drug induced and natural bodybuilders react differently to exercise and dieting. Its just like a basketball player training like a handball player, now in both sports they throw the ball but the techniques are different.
So the point to note here is that if u are a natural bodybuilder learn from other natural bodybuilders and if you choose to use drugs then learn from those who use drugs.

…….to be continued


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