Mr and Miss physique Nigeria 2012 (february edition)

We are just about rounding up the first edition of the Mr and Miss physique Nigeria monthly photo contest (January edition) and I just decided to write about the next edition (february edition) to help the contestants and supporters know what we have in stock for them.

First of all let’s take a look at what ‘Mr and Miss physique Nigeria’ contest is about.

The Mr and miss physique Nigeria contest is a contest that is driven to motivate the average Nigerian to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s not a pageant or bodybuilding contest but to win you have to have a well rounded physique.
The contest wud be starting with a series of monthly online photo voting competitions geared to building a large fan base for the contest. Unlike most competitions we are going to take our time and get a large fan base so that the first show would be one to remember; with a lot of sponsors.
Winners of the monthly contests would automatically qualify for the final show and get a group of other bonuses
Note: there are no height restrictions and you won’t have to appear in person to win (except off-course if you win you will have to come in person to claim your prizes). You will only be judged based on your photograph.

The winners for the month of february will go home with:
* a photo-session (pictures wud be featured online)
* an interview featured on 3 blogs
* a months gym subscription
* feature in the #1 fitness mag in africa the ‘ultimate fitness mag’
* male winner gets an automatic pass to the ‘Mr Ideal Nigeria’ 2012 pageant
* winners qualify for the MPN final show

To register;
1. LIKE our page and then send your photo to before the 30th of January. You can use a phone or any handheld device to take the photo, as long as the photo comes out clear.
2. Your photo must be a recent full body
photo in swimsuit with details stating
* your name, age, occupation,
location, hobby, experience in fitness
modeling, exercise routine, why you want
to win and any other info about yourself
that you think is relevant.

Registration is totally free!
Registration ends on the 30th of January!

For more details contact us on:
BB pin:3245428e
visit our fan page;
Or leave a comment on this post.

Mr and Miss physique Nigeria is brought to you by vanyard marketers in conjunction with allthingsfitnez.

Our sponsors for the february edition are:
* House of twitch (organizers of the Mr ideal Nigeria and the Miss omolewa pageant, event mangers and co-owners of the #1 fitness mag in africa, ultimate fitness mag).
Websites: and

* Twitch active (a mobile fitness outfit. Their aim is to bring fitness to your door steps. They are pretty affordable and have a gym in VI. And they have the sexiest CEO in Nigeria. Ladies y’all should check him out)

* megatron gym ajah (now this is a standard and modernized gym with state of the art equipments. 1 of the best gyms in the ajah-epe axis and its very affordable)
Website: coming soon

* Jorge Wong Photography (a mobile photo-company. They cover events and do portfolios for models. If you want to add colors and a touch of natural to your portfolio as a model this is a go to company.)
Website: coming soon


Gym crashers

Lol…I was just leaving the gym and then this set of people came to mind; ‘gym crashers’. ‘Gym crashers’ is the name I give people who come to the gym with no idea whatsoever of what their fitness goals are or what exercise to do. So when they come to the gym all they do is copy others. Now there are two types of gym crashers; those who are inquisitive and ready to learn and those who copy others without asking questions to know why and how they do what they do. The first type of ‘gym crashers’ are inquisitive and want to learn but most of them ask questions at the wrong time. I’m not against them asking me questions but let them ask questions when I’m done working out. Sometimes I get questions like what part of the body does that exercise build or how do I get packs like yours or I’ve been working out for a long time and I’m not seeing any changes what could be the problem, questions like this get me thinking; does this guy actually expect me to stop what I’m doing and answer him? What really hurts me is the fact that I can’t just give him a short answer because I will probably confuse him the more and he might misquote me somewhere else. So most times I have to stop what I’m doing and explain for about 3-5 minutes, and the way I workout that’s a lot of time lost.
The second type of ‘gym crashers’ piss me off because 99% of them workout for months without improvement. For me if I were to workout for a prolonged period of time without improvements it could cause lack of motivation but I make sure that doesn’t happen by studying a lot to find out new ways to constantly make sure there is an improvement, even if it is a small one. Another annoying thing they do is they talk and disturb others with their idle talk. Imagine somebody brings up a topic about football, other ‘gym crashers’ join the discussion and then they try to involve you by throwing a direct question at you while you are doing a ‘no-rest-pause-superset’. When I’m working out I hate being interrupted because it affects my concentration and speed but this set of people don’t give a damn, all they do is talk, ask questions that are not related to fitness and occupy an equipment for a long period of time because they don’t know when they have done enough of a particular exercise. Its seems to me that this people see the gym as a social gathering and don’t know the importance of the gym. Yeah you can make friends at the gym, infact I wish to meet my soul-mate at the gym but it makes better sense to socialize after working out. Like they say, business before pleasure.
My best time in the gym is when nobody is there, just me and the trainer or a couple of people who know what they came to the gym for. Reason being that at this time I hardly get those annoying questions or discussions. Anyway this is just me ‘spitting’ my mind. Thanks for sharing in my pain.

free ebook for physique athletes

If you have every wanted to contest at a physique competition like ‘Mr and Miss physique Nigeria’ then grab a copy of this free ebook for physique athletes. It teaches you everything you need to know from diet to workout programs and techniques. I’m not going to endorse it because I just got my own copy and I have just started reading it. I only posted it here because I don’t know if it’s going to be free for much longer. So don’t say I didn’t tell you, hurry and grab your copy now!

weight loss or fat loss

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to weight loss. If you tell a qualified fitness trainer/coach that you want to loose weight, one of the questions that should come up should be; do u want to loose weight in general (fat and muscle) or do you want to loose bodyfat alone? The reason why trainers/coaches ask this question is that most people use the term weight loss when they just want to burn fat. You may ask “if I burn fat won’t I loose weight?” the answer is yes but weight loss means a lot more than just burning fat. Sometimes I see articles with titles like; ‘5 steps to gain weight’ or ‘gain weight in no time’ and stuff like that but what is funny is that, when they say ‘gain weight’ they actually mean build muscle. Now see the confusion when they say “weight loss” they refer to ‘losing bodyfat’ and when they say “gain weight” they mean ‘adding muscle mass’.
In conclusion weight loss don’t just mean less fat, it also means less muscle. So the next time you go to the gym, be more specific when telling the trainer your goals.

Workout challenge for the week 

Everyday I get messages from guys asking me what they should do to have my kind of physique and so I have decided that I will be putting up workout programs, on this blog, every week to help you get the physique of your choice. I’m going to employ some techniques I have learnt over the course of my bodybuilding experience. Now this is just a template you don’t have to do exactly what is written here, better still this is just to direct you in the write part. As far as I’m concerned I think you should customize it to fit your taste and fitness goals.
For this week I’m going to be starting with a workout program for beginner’s who want to build muscles:

Beach press>>>>>>>4>>>>>8-10
Military press >>>>>>4>>>>>8-10
Dead lift >>>>>>>>>8>>>>>1-2
Biceps curl>>>>>>>>4>>>>>8-10

As a beginner full body workouts with the use of exercises that involve compound movements are your best bet because full body workouts produce more testosterone (a hormone in charge of muscle growth). If you can increase your workout intensity by making your rest time between sets, shorter, say 20-30seconds, it will also increase the amount of testosterones produced.

Note: it is advisable for beginners to workout only 3-4 days weekly with rest days in between to avoid over training and give the body more time to rest and recuperate. Time spent on this workout should not be more than 45mins to 1hr daily, as testosterone levels become dangerous after this time. Please make sure you perform each rep slowly and with perfect form.

If there is anything you don’t understand or if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. If the workout works for you also leave a comment in other to encourage others. Thanks for reading this blog. Follow this blog for more workout programs.

Mr body perfect 2011

my mistakes, your lessons

As a beginner I made a lot of mistakes which I have learned from. Sometimes I look back and wonder how it would have been if I had someone telling me the things I know now. They say experience is the best teacher but the experience that teaches you doesn’t have to be your experience. Those that learn from other people’s mistakes achieve more because they are able to optimize their time and gains instead of beating about the bush. Now I’m going to tell you the mistakes I made and what I learned from them. I hope this helps you not to make the same mistakes I made and to optimize your gains at the gym.
My mistakes;

#1. OVER TRAINING: I thought if I spent a lot of time working out, it was going to translate into bigger muscles in the shortest time possible. When I first started working out, I used to workout for about 6-8 hrs a day at a stretch. I know what you are thinking… ‘where did he get the strength?’. Well I guess I have always been a strong person due to the fact that I have been into sports all my life. Anyway, after reading some fitness articles and magazines I found out that I was over doing it so I reduced it to 4hrs. The more I read the more I realized how much I was hurting myself. I had developed serious injuries in my joints (my shoulders and lower back). After much said and done I now workout for only 45minutes a day but the injuries sustained from over training still affect me till today.
So the lesson here is try not to over do it because over training doesn’t make the muscles any bigger it just gives u injuries that will reduce your efficiency in the gym as time goes on.

#2. LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO USE DRUGS THOUGH I’M A NATURAL BODYBUILDER: there are 2 types of bodybuilding; natural and drug induced bodybuilding. Now with the drugs that the drug induced bodybuilders take their muscles grow whether they workout or not but for the natural bodybuilders, like me, we have to workout regularly and consistently to grow. So the problem with learning from the drug induced bodybuilders as a natural bodybuilder, is that in natural bodybuilding you have to constantly apply different techniques in your workouts to build muscle where as a drug induced bodybuilder doesn’t really have to apply any technique because anything will work. The bodies of the drug induced and natural bodybuilders react differently to exercise and dieting. Its just like a basketball player training like a handball player, now in both sports they throw the ball but the techniques are different.
So the point to note here is that if u are a natural bodybuilder learn from other natural bodybuilders and if you choose to use drugs then learn from those who use drugs.

…….to be continued